Emily Bauer

Emily is an Award winning (yes!) performer, and one of the most respected and busiest voice over actors in the business. Broadway and European National Tours, as well as film, television, soap operas, and of course, voice overs, are all on her resume. She lends her talents to numerous cartoons, network promos, TV and radio commercials, toys, audiobooks, imaging, ADR, video games, and so much more! 

You heard Emily today on your television while getting ready for work this morning. She was on the radio in your car, on your iPad as you listened to that new audiobook, the deliciously sexy voice giving you phone prompts, the hooker with a heart of gold in your favorite video game, the adorable little girl in your daughter's favorite cartoon, and even that fantastically annoying voice on your son's talking toy. (Um. Sorry about that last one. Really.)

Emily is also an accomplished on-camera personality, with film, tv and commercial credits! As a singer, she has been heard on jingles, studio albums, and original cast recordings.

Always the professional, Emily is able to deliver the right read for each and every client. She has a unique understanding of this business, and is able to combine art and advertising, presence and productivity, to give a first rate performance every time. Many of Emily's clients return over and over again. Best of all, Emily genuinely loves her job! 

In her limited free time, Emily loves to learn and try new things, relax with a good book and an iced tall skinny vanilla soy latte, sing along to the radio, play a good game of freeze dance, travel to warm sunny places, and spend time with her family!

Contact Me:
Emily Bauer
257 Park Avenue South 9th floor New York, NY 10011
(212) 477-1666   
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