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"The End of Everything" by Megan Abbott

"The Enclave" by Ann Aguirre

Emily Bauer effectively voices the pride and fear that mingle in Deuce as she and her enigmatic partner, Fade, carry out their job of protecting and feeding their clan. When village elders exile the hunting pair for discovering important secrets, they go aboveground, and Deuce realizes her whole existence has been a lie. As Deuce’s life completely changes, some situations seem somewhat implausible, yet Bauer still manages to make her a believable character. ~Audiofile

"Insatiable" by Meg Cabot

 Emily Bauer’s voice captures Meena’s girlish whimsy ... Bauer does her best with pedestrian dialogue and fully characterizes Meena’s naïveté, regardless of how much listeners may grow impatient with it. There are some audio treasures here. In particular, one can even tell from Bauer’s delivery when Meena is talking to her dog. As Meena faces a full-scale vampire war in a New York City cathedral, listeners will find themselves rooting for her survival.

"The Girl Who Fell From The Sky" by Heidi Durrow 

“[The narrators] tell this harrowing tale with exceptional beauty. The gentleness with which the performers, particularly Bauer, as sweet-voiced Rachel, unfold the events is remarkable. These voices give a heartrending story its heart.”      —AudioFile 

"Wish You Were Dead" Trilogy by Todd Strasser. An the spirit of "I know What You Did Last Summer", Todd Strasser updates the teen thriller for the techno age with Wish You Were Dead, the first installment in a new “thrill”-ogy.

"This World We Live In" by Susan Beth Pfeffer

"Life As We Knew It" by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Emily Bauer's cheery tones define teenaged Miranda and her high school passions, problems, and protests. Everything changes, however, when a meteor collides with the moon, and she and her family discover that both U.S. coasts have fallen away and earthquakes are erupting everywhere. Bauer ratchets up Miranda's anxiety as grocery store shelves empty, electricity fails, skies gray, and cold sets in. As Miranda's life shrinks and her dedication to family expands, Bauer superbly portrays her gamut of emotions--the frustration and fear of the situation, the tenderness that grows from working together to survive, and momentary reappearances of her old optimism as she finds reasons to hope for the future. S.W. © AudioFile 

THE PILLOWBOOK OF LOTUS LOWENSTEIN by Libby Schmais for Random House 

Nan Marino  Read by Emily Bauer

It’s the summer of the moon landing, and 12-year-old Tamara Simpson feels lonely and out of sorts now that her best friend, a foster child who lived across the street, has unexpectedly moved away. She finds herself increasingly at odds with the neighborhood kids and misunderstood by her dysfunctional parents. Especially annoyed by the new neighbor boy who tells tall tales, Tamara decides to expose and humiliate him. Emily Bauer does an excellent job portraying Tamara's insecurity, pettiness, and desire for revenge. Listeners will be convinced they’re hearing a volatile preteen when Bauer squeals with happiness and wails with despair. Young people will quickly become engrossed in this story and learn a few life lessons in the process. M.H.N. © AudioFile 

JULIA GILLIAN (AND THE ART OF KNOWING)Emily Bauer is an unobtrusive narrator who lets the characters shine. Effervescent Julia is full of kid-centered ideas. Her parents are either distracted or genuinely sympathetic. Brother Zap swings from a young-adult anomie to wild enthusiasm. The personalities Bauer gives these characters are distinct, believable, and just plain fun. A.R. © AudioFile 

Emotions rule Emily Bauer's narration, creating an accurate portrayal of the dramatic Labellas. Bauer gives heroine Antonia Lucia Labella bouncy, bright tones, which emphasize the story's humor as Antonia fires off letters to the Vatican, seeking sainthood for her careful tending of the Labella fig trees, making the best pasta in Rhode Island, or becoming the Patron Saint of the Kiss. Antonia's comic views and Bauer's sarcastic delivery run the gamut from how Italians love to the best way for a 15-year-old girl to modify her Catholic school uniform. In contrast, Antonia's widowed mother rails at her daughter in a furious "just-off-the-boat" Italian accent. Bauer’s depiction of this mother-daughter struggle makes it stand out in relief against Antonia's humorous takes on religion and first love. S.W. © AudioFile 

GIRL BOY GIRL : How I Became JT LeRoy 
Emily Bauer has her hands full in narrating this first-person account of Knoop, who for six years was a woman pretending to be a man who wanted to be a woman. As the body behind the public persona of author JT Leroy (THE HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS), Knoop exchanged identities back and forth like outfits until she was outted in 2006. Bauer does well in differentiating the gendered voices needed, as well as genuinely inflecting Knoop's own introspection as she recounts the surreal experience.  L.E. © AudioFile

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